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MBARC Club Repeaters

Location Freq/Offset/Tone Coverage Status
 Mt. Constitution     map  146.740 - 103.5  wide area    ON LINE
 Mt. Constitution   444.050 + 103.5    ON LINE
 Squalicum Mt.       map  146.740 - 127.3  local OFF LINE
 Squalicum Mt.  443.750 + 103.5    ON LINE
 King Mt.     IRLP   map  147.160 + 103.5  local  ON LINE
 King Mt.     443.650 + 103.5    ON LINE 

Status Key:   ON LINE = Working fine  PROBLEM = Known issue/Repair sked  OFF LINE = Off the air for repair

Squalicum note: The 2m repeater on Squalicum is on the same frequency as Constitution (different tone). It is shut down now but can be turned on for emergency operation in the event of a failure of the Constitution 2m machine.


The Western Washington Amateur Relay Association maintains a list of Western Washington Repeaters. They can be found below.

  1. WWARA Western Washington Repeaters (PDF)
  2. WWARA Western Washington Repeaters (ZIP)

This ZIP file contains the following:

  • readme.txt – summary of all files in the archive
  • copyright.txt – copyright notice for files
  • WWARA-rptrlist-DATE.csv – List of all coordinated repeaters in W. Washington
  • WWARA-pending-rptrlist-DATE.csv – List of all pending/proposed coordination applications
  • WWARA-rptrlist-DATE.chirp – All coordinated repeaters in CHIRP file format
  • WWARA-About2Expire-DATE.csv – List of coordinations that will expire in the next six months.