Welcome to the MBARC "main" list

Steve Stroh N8GNJ


This is the list that MBARC will use for announcements of upcoming
meetings and other events.

Thanks for your interest in Mount Baker Amateur Radio Club and getting
signed up on this list. There are now 106 of us on this list (with
5-10 not yet confirmed thus they may drop out).

(In the most recent membership list maintained by the MBARC Treasurer,
there were 89 names, including 5-10 that don't have email addresses on
file with MBARC).

A couple of admin issues:
* A new account on any groups.io list requires you to confirm that you
WANT to be on a new list. Until you do so, you won't receive (or be
able to send) any email from / to this list. (groups.io isn't clear on
what you can or cannot do if you don't confirm.)
* By default, anything you send to the list as a new member is
initially moderated. This is an anti-spam measure. There are only
three of us that can "approve" your posting and remove the moderation
status, so if you don't see something you sent, please be patient -
one of the three of us will approve your email and thus remove the

Our next MBARC General Meeting will be on Tuesday December 14, 2021
beginning at 19:00. Look for an announcement from President Ed AE7QD
closer to that date with the meeting link and agenda.

Reminder about MBARC 2022 dues.

MBARC does have ongoing expenses that we depend on membership dues to
cover. Expenses include:
* Repeater site rental
* Repeater maintenance / upgrades
* P.O. Box
* Groups.io fees (new - this mailing list / website)
* Field Day
* Cookies, coffee, and door prizes for in-person meetings

Please go to the https://mbarc.groups.io/g/main/wiki/28514 page to
download MBARC membership form to send in with your dues payment. If
you have questions about dues, you can email:


Steve Stroh N8GNJ
MBARC Digital Group President
Website / mailing lists helper

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