(Recording) MBARC May Zoom Meeting

Ed Bishop AE7QD

        Hi all,

   That was a good meeting.  And here is the recording. 

   Thank you, Mr. Miller K6MM.  For a trip into the South Pacific.  The presentation makes a good diversion from Whatcom County here in the Pacific Northwest.  And I'd like to invite him back to hear about more of his adventures.

   If you missed last nights meeting or if you want to see it again.  It was good.  Then here are links to the recording.  You can download it in a folder or in a .zip file, your choice.  They are both the same.

   Here are the recordings.  First is the folder of combined files;


   Then the .zip;


  Enjoy and 73s.


   We also discussed Ski To Sea, and that volunteers are needed for the race at the end of THIS month.  I believe to spot the boating section.  This is a copy of the email sent out, from Jason Smith KG7PWO with a link for your help.


Good evening sorry for the delay we had some details to work out. 

We are looking for some volunteers for the upcoming Ski to Sea race. We have moved a few things around there is this year opportunitys to be a spotter on the river also. I will be sharing a google sheets sign up just put your name where you would like to be. 
Thank you 


   Also, don't forget Field Day.


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