(Recording) MBARC June Zoom Meeting

Ed Bishop AE7QD

        Hi all,

   That was a good meeting.  And here is the recording. 

   Thank you, all for showing up for the last meeting of the season.  We voted to take a couple months off, the way we used to do before COVID and Zoom.  So, we plan to skip a couple and resume meeting in September.

    Then, I think we are ready for Field Day and here is the link to the sign up sheet i showed you;

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZGPdA4Sn-1PpsiC8uYxxffpMG6wR5OtoHOZNpbe1nrk/edit?usp=sharing   It is visible and editable by anyone with the link.  So, go ahead and put your name in.  The Friday and Sunday work crews are important.

   Remember, there is camping, and room for RVs.  And as I understand we won't have the car cover thing this time for the radio setup.  So, we may need tarps and a parking arrangement to form a shelter.  (Real camping)  Also, Ash Eastham KJ7BXI is going to have a "For Sale" table/area, so help her with figuring prices and descriptions for what you bring if you can.

   Jim Blattner is also going to host some training.  This is a copy of some of the info from him;


Jim Blattner KC7JB
        WECG Comms Van training and maintenance and possibly training on the Sherriff's Communications van as well and the newly refurbished SAR trailer
   June 22 - 26.
       No, this isn't 4 days of training but the van will be utilized for Field Day (June 25-26) and will be made available at the Field Day site over this 4 day period. This is a rare (and low stress) opportunity to spend time on the van during our long and lovely June days and familiarize yourself with the operation and assets of the unit. 
   The Field Day site at: 3675 Massey Road, Everson, Wa.
    * Operate the many radios on board; VHF, UHF, DMR, HF, 800 MHZ, GMRS, APRS.
    * Operate a screwdriver HF antenna
    * Send a Winlink message
    * Learn about the new call out procedure
    * Become qualified to check the van out from the SAR building
    * Van maintenance items and clean up
    * Learn SAR procedures; logging, Net operation
    * Learn to connect, log in and operate SARTopo software.
    * See the New/refurbished SAR Comms Trailer
    * Sheriff's communications van: we hope to have this van at Field day as well. WECG is now one of the operators of this sophisticated asset. This will be a perfect time for us to check out and become familiar with the equipment on board. 
    * Drone operation? 



   If you missed last nights meeting or if you want to see it again.  Then here are links to the recording.  You can download it in a folder or in a .zip file, your choice.  They are both the same.

   Here are the recordings.  First is the folder of combined files;


   Then the .zip;


  Enjoy and 73s.

   See ya all in September.


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