(Recording) MBARC December Zoom Meeting #announcements

Ed Bishop AE7QD

    Hi all again,

   And another good meeting.

   It was the holiday meeting so it was light and simple.  We went through the usual subjects and reports.

   We did have some interesting subjects brought up.  Check it out.  (Birch Bay tower, stuff for sale, field day results, M.U.R.S. VHF radio service, MBARC Zoom account, repair work, and stuff for sale.)

   It is the time of year to renew to the Main group or the Digital group or both.  The repeater group now goes to the main group, so it is no longer necessary for a third check to donate to all.  Maybe tax wise, you may want to do it in January.  But, don't forget.

   If you missed last nights meeting or if you want to see it again.  Then here are links to the recording.  You can download it in a folder or in a .zip file, your choice.  They are both the same.

   Here are the recordings.  First is the folder of combined files;


   Then the .zip;


   Enjoy and 73s.


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