(Recording) MBARC January Zoom Meeting

Ed Bishop AE7QD

    Hi all again,

   And another good meeting.

   We went through the usual subjects and reports.

   Don W7AIN has a connection to some equipment for sale, in the meeting.  And I mentioned that I have some equipment for adoption.  This is a list;

Antenna Switch
Aluminum Antenna Assembly
Heathkit Cheyenne Model MT-1 Transceiver w/ Power Cables & Mic
HealthKit Manual: Micoder II Model HD-1984
Heathkit Hybrid Phone Patch Model HD-15 w/ Assembly Manual
Heathkit Reflected Power Meter & SWR Bridge Model HM-11 w/ Assembly Manual
Heathkit Transistor Radio Navigator Model DF-2 w/ Assembly Manual
R.L. Drake Sideband Transceiver Model TR-3
R.L. Drake DC-3 Mobile Power Supply
R.L. Drake AC-3 Power Supply
National Co. 697 Power Supply
CDE Transmit/Receive Direction Control
Signal Corp Type IS-126 Miliamperes D.C. meter
Kenwood Dynamic Mic
6-General Coverage Band Spread Modules: A,B,C,D,F, AA
Attenuation in Db Switch: 3,6,12,24
Revere Electronics Hush-A-Com Mic Inputs
2 Sylvania Electron Tubes: 6146
1 Ratheon Electron Tube: 6146
Headset w/ Mic
Miscellaneous Parts: Insulators, Freq-KC 8050 Channel 365 & KC-6759 Chrystal Modules, Switches, Connectors, etc.
Ham Radio World Atlas & other related documents

   It's all 1950/1960 era stuff in fairly good shape (some may be missing).  Let me know if you're interested.  And maybe a small donation to the club for some of it?  It'll all be at Field Day, later this year.

  If you missed last nights meeting or if you want to see it again.  Then here are links to the recording.  You can download it in a folder or in a .zip file, your choice.  They are both the same.

   Here are the recordings.  First is the folder of combined files;


   Then the .zip;


   Enjoy and 73s.


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