Re: tonights meeting

Jim Thurston

Ed, Hi.  Greetings from the end of the world.  I received this email from you, but I don't understand how it all works.  The number 895 5400 2732 doesn't correspond to any zoom number I am familiar with. At the last meeting you mentions there was going to be a change to a new zoom page, but I didn't understand where the zoom number is posted.  Would you please send me the zoom page so I don't need to pass through all the different pages.

Please help me out as I want to attend the meeting tonight even though it is late here. ( starting at 12:01 AM to 2 AM here)


Jim Thurston

On 2022-01-11 16:21, Ed Bishop AE7QD wrote:

Scroll down in the "(Invitation)" post.  But, it's this anyway; 895 5400 2732   k7skw

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