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Bruce Prior

Great. Strive for Amateur Extra Class AFTER you're already a General. As a General, I'll have to salute you!

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I have found that I DO hear lots of calls on the Extra frequencies that I do not have access to.. That is something I will be looking to in the future but you are correct. With my General I have LOTS of opportunities to make contacts. Look at it as something to strive for.




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What does Amateur Extra Class buy you? Additional spectrum on four HF bands, a prestigious call sign and bragging rights. The only people I'd recommend going for Extra are high school students who have their sights on admission and scholarships for high-profile colleges. Most HF activity takes place on General Class frequencies. Get on the air and have fun!


Bruce Prior N7RR


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The Extra class exam questions are really not that much harder, either.  There are just more of them (50, rather than 35).  Given the sometimes difficult scheduling of setting up remote exams, I'd recommend trying the Extra exam if one is attempting the General, at the same time.  I honestly think that about 30 minutes of studying each night for a week, maybe two, is enough to pass the Extra.

Best of luck to all who are trying to get their next ticket!

James Garnett, W7STZ


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Hi Tom --

I have vetted both Technician and General on HamTestOnline. There is very little difference in difficulty between the two question pools. It's too bad that the Novice license no longer exists. That said, almost anybody in middle school can master both exam pools. You're also most welcome to phone me.


Bruce Prior N7RR



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Hi Kristen,


I am in the same situation also. I am currently studying via online at Ham Radio Prep – Ham Radio Online License Class and also purchased the ARRL Ham Radio LIc Manual.  I also purchased a handheld just to get familar with so of the things - Baofeng BF-F8HP - reasonable  priced at Amazon. Hope to complete and do an exam via online by end of January.


Hi Bruce - interesting on the recommendation on doing both at the same time - Tech and General  So basically same everything in concepts maybe a little more indepth on the General?



Thanks for the input... Hope to see you on the dail --- Happy New Year and 73





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Hi Kristen --

We hope to welcome you on the air soon. Many people who only get as far as the Technician license lose interest and drift away. You're much better off to study for both the Technician and General Class exams, which you can take in tandem in the same session. With a General Class license, you can operate on every ham radio band. The exams are almost equal in difficulty -- both moderate. If you buy a non-progammable scientific calculator at Dollar Tree for $1.00 plus tax, you can use it both for practice and during the exam.


By far the easiest way to study is with HamTestOnline:            

Login: Email address: Password: Create account. Forgot password. Use without account . Contact support for help. July 1, 2021 — No question pools will be updated in 2021.A new Technician question pool will be released in 2022.

There's no need to buy a textbook or take an in-person course. You can get started today. The best method is to study one subject at a time for both exams. HamTestOnline will integrate both question pools for you, and the program will track your progress and quiz you on the material which needs the most practice.


Once you get about 90 percent finished for each exam, you're ready to take the real exams. Passing level is 74 percent of the multi-choice questions for both exams. That's 26 of the 35 questions.


If you have more queries, phone me at 360-332-6046. Margaret K7MWP is a General Class ham. She might answer the phone.


Keep warm and healthy!



Bruce Prior N7RR


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Dear Kristen,


I took(and passed) my test during the pandemic.  I hope the following might be helpful:


—I am glad that Jim was able to direct you to an Amateur Radio group that will administer the test.  My group was located in Portland.  One needed zoom, of course.


—There is a LOT of material to memorize.  For me, I needed the AARL License manual.  Then I studied to the test w/ high lighting, used flash cards and yes, indeed took the practice tests until I knew I was comfortable taking the actual test.


You are joining and helpful and knowledgeable Amateur Radio Group.  Happy New Year!




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No classes or testing in Whatcom County at the moment. Both were planned by a new Amateur Radio group that was forming, but unfortunately those plans didn’t work out.


The Technician test is reasonably easy to study for on your own. 


See the end of my newsletter at - Join the Fun on Amateur Radio for links to resources. In studying for my Extra, I’m doing “flash cards” and practice exams on When I get stuck on something I don’t understand I use KB6NU’s No Nonsense Guide (PDF - search for the question number).


This is THE resource for finding Amateur Radio exams - It includes a link to online exams.


Let us know if you have other questions. 


Steve N8GNJ


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I'm not sure if I'm posting this message properly. 
Does the Mount Baker group ever have classes or offer testing?
Thank you!





Steve Stroh N8GNJ


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