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Be careful buying RPi-4 adapter cables. If you are using the Geekworm heat sink, you will see that the micro-HDMI socket is recessed and fat plugs will not insert deep enough to make proper contact. For example, this cable has a skinny micro-HDMI plug and it works perfectly:


This one has a fat plug and will not work with the Geekworm heat sink:

Oh, and the plastic around the connector is as hard as a rock and cannot be [safely] carved.


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For an Rpi-3 this adapter cable works.

For an Rpi-4 you have to add the hdmi to mini hdmi adapter:


On 7/16/22 18:19, Gayland Gump KG7GCF wrote:

Ash, you might want to take David up on one of these monitors even if it isn't 12v.  As Steve said an inexpensive adapter would at least give you a monitor that you could use when you are using the your pi at home.






On Sat, Jul 16, 2022 at 3:05 PM Ash Eastham <kj7bxi@...> wrote:

Does anyone have any 12 volt 16" monitors laying around? 


On Sat, Jul 16, 2022, 1:12 PM David N7NTN <n7ntn@...> wrote:

I have 3 monitors I'm giving away if anyone's interested. If not I'll donate them to Value Village.
They work fine but they don't have HDMI outlets, DVI only.
Two are 20"diagonal with slightly different dimensions: 10" x 17.5"  & 10.75" x 17"
The 3rd one is small: ~15" diagonal  9" x 12"
Send me an email if you want one. Otherwise I'll give them away first part of next week.
David N7NTN


David N7NTN

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