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Christ, I am despising more and more.  Ed, it would probably more useful to those of us who haven't been hams since sometime in the ancient past if someone would explain what is being shared here and why we should be interested.  I am interested in supporting the widows of silent keys but a bunch of pictures of equipment I've never heard of doesn't motivate me a whole lot.  On the other hand I understand that you could be in the same boat and are just trying to help out a fellow silent key's family.

I'll quit whining now.


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        Hi all,

   Here is a interesting collection of ham gear for sale.  He would like to sell it all at once if possible.  His dad was in the Coast Guard and probably kept things spotless and his mom could use the cash.  No one else in the family is a ham, so he's unable to test it.  Plus the antenna and tower are gone.

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I have some radio gear that belonged to my Dad who passed away last fall.  I wonder if there is anyone who would be interested, but I’m not a ham guy so not sure who to contact. If you have any suggestions that would be great.  Thanks!

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