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Jim Thurston

Steve, I think Ed has the list or if he doesn't he will know who has one.  It was very specific  and complete.


On 2022-04-28 2:25 pm, Steve Stroh N8GNJ wrote:


Unfortunately, I don't have any of that info. I was not active in
previous Field Days in Whatcom County.

Hopefully someone else on this list will have the info you're requesting.


Steve N8GNJ

On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 11:16 AM Jim Thurston <jim@...> wrote:

Steve, I would like to help out in someway for Field Day.  Would you please send me the list of things that was gone over in last years FD so I can see where I might fit in.



Jim Thurston

On 2022-04-27 10:53 pm, Steve Stroh N8GNJ wrote:

CQ All MBARC Members

This was discussed at the MBARC Board Meeting last night and I
volunteered to put out this bulletin.

We need some volunteers within MBARC to work with some members of WECG
to plan out the details of the 2022 MBARC and WECG Field Day.

Jim Blattner KC7JB has volunteered his QTH for Field Day (same as 2021).

We need volunteers for these functions (and more that we didn't think of)
* Organize equipment
* Organize meals
* Set up operating schedules
* Set up shelter (tents, etc.)
* Set up volunteers for setup and teardown

MBARC owns an IC-735 HF radio, a 2 meter FM radio, and a 440 FM radio.

I (Steve Stroh N8GNJ) volunteer to do outreach for this Field Day,
reaching out to Whatcom County Media and groups that might be
interested (such as TAG NW).

I also committed the MBARC Digital Group to do a "field exercise" to
work through the use of AREDN units to link the various laptop
computers that will be used for coordinated logging at each station.

If you're interested in helping with Field Day, please "self organize"
using this list to advertise your interest in helping, and I'm sure
there's enough cross-fertilization between MBARC members and WECG
members that the two groups can also self-organize.


Steve Stroh N8GNJ for the MBARC Board.

Steve Stroh N8GNJ (he / him / his)
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Steve Stroh N8GNJ (he / him / his)
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