Re: (Recording) MBARC April Zoom Meeting

Michael Powell

Quick question - if my son wants to join ARES - who does he sent the one page application to or is there another step we missed?

Many thanks!


On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 11:24 AM, Ed Bishop AE7QD <ed@...> wrote:

        Hi all,

   That was a good meeting.  And here is the recording. 

   Thank you Mr. Honaker N7SS.  Your explanation of how to use CHIRP will be useful.  If anyone didn't quite catch all of the instructions, they can re-play it with this recording.

   We also have a couple requests for carpooling to swap meets in Wenatchee and Daytona.

   If you missed last nights meeting or if you want to see it again.  Then here are links to the recording.  You can download it in a folder or in a .zip file, your choice.  They are both the same.

   Here are the recordings.  First is the folder of combined files; 

   Then the .zip; 

  Enjoy and 73s.


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